Young Adult Ministry


Who's a Young adult?

We tend to get the question, "Do I count as a young adult?" And that's a great question! Those who are post-high school age are often thought of as "young adults," but it extends past that! Our Young Adult Ministry includes post-high school age up to 35 years old (or those who feel like they're 35)! We recognize that this definition includes a large group of people in a bunch of different life stages, but we love coming together as one group! Whether you've just graduated from High School or you're married with two children and in your career, you are welcome to be a part of this group!

Our dream for this group is to be a place where we can grow together in life skills, in our spiritual lives, and in our social lives! Sometimes being a young adult is difficult, as we're defining who we are, determining our futures, or trying to find a place to call "home". We also want to be a place where our tough questions can be discussed, even if we don't always have an answer! If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact Pastor Jonathan Hopfer, our Young Adult Pastor!

Small Groups

As we continue to grow as a group, we are offering two small group times for young adults every other Sunday at 8:45am and on Saturday nights at 7pm. We'll meet in the Youth Room (downstairs) on Sunday mornings and in room 102-104 on Saturday nights, as we go through a book God is Good, by Pastor Bill Johnson.

Stay connected

Let's be honest. We love to hang out together! It's one of the things that makes studying the Bible together and praying together even better! And sometimes we build those relationships through bowling, games, and personal pizzas!

Be sure to check out our Facebook group for more information! It's a great way to get connected to what's going on and to stay connected!