Town hall meeting #2

September 17, 2019

CrossPoint Community Church has a team that reports to the Board called the Vision Team.  The Vision Team is made up of the Pastor and 5 Lay members. The Team members are Pastor Bob Sherwood, Bob Anderson, Rance Bare, Greg DeField, James Murphy, and Tom Wade. The purpose of the Team is to evaluate current and future needs of the Church facilities to allow the Church to continue reaching the needs of Idaho Falls and the surrounding region.

During a Needs Analysis conducted by the Team in early 2018, and presented to the church body in a Town Hall meeting in May 2018, it was found to be evident that the current facilities were too small and potentially restricting the ability of the Church to fulfill it’s primary function; to share God’s grace with the people of Southeast Idaho.  It should also be noted that during the research conducted by the Team, the current facilities and attendance metrics were very consistent with national averages, confirming the need for expansion.

The Team assumed a growth rate consistent with past historical growth.  This growth rate approximately doubles every 20 years. With a current attendance of approximately 450 people, the Church should be looking at an attendance of approximately 900-1000 by the year 2037.  This is the basis that was used for developing Functional and Design requirements for the future facilities to handle the growth over the next 20 years. The Team also believes that the Church should plan for the capability to expand between the years 2037 and 2057.

The process used to develop the Functional and Design requirements involved the current Ministry Leads and team members chosen by them.  They were considered the subject matter experts and the Team was used to oversee the process and provide consistency. From the input provided by the Ministry Leads, the Team developed a consistent set of Functional and Design requirements based on required rooms, sizes, location, special equipment, and special requirements.  The Team then considered shared resources, e.g., one kitchen serving multiple ministries. Once a final list of requirements was developed, the Team asked the Ministry Leads to review and agree with the information.

For the next step, the Team developed 8 options for expanding the church facilities.  These options included staying where we are, moving to a new location, using Satellite Churches, using Church Plants, or a combination of these.  Again, the Ministry leads were asked to assist the team in this evaluation.

The Team determined that it was time to conduct another Town Hall Meeting to keep the congregation informed of the progress that has been made.  The Town Hall Meeting was conducted on September 17, 2019. The links below provide access to the presentation material and also an input form that can be used to provide feedback to the Team after the Town Hall Meeting.  This form will be available for feedback until October 1. We are asking that if you provide input, please include you contact information so we can contact you if necessary for clarification or additional information. If you have any questions, contact any of the Team members listed above.  A hard copy of the input form can be obtained through the Church Office.



PowerPoint Presentation September 17



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