The Well STudent Ministries

We happen to think that young people are pretty awesome. They're not only important because of how they'll be the Body of Christ in the future, but we also find that teenagers have more to offer than often give them credit for. We believe that young people are a significant part of the Body of Christ today. We strive to connect our young people to the Body and Mission of Christ. Simply, we look to give our students opportunities to be welcomed and to serve our community and the Church. Our Caring Christian Adults volunteers are connecting points - they act as numerous ties to the entire congregation and not just to youth group. While we love youth group - from silly games to great discussion groups - we truly want our young people to know that they belong and have a place in the entire church, not just in youth group.

Our aim is to celebrate the different phases and milestones that our students walk through. We know that there are many things that speak into the lives of a teenager. We hope and pray that our church community will always be a place of warmth, of truth and grace, and a place where they are loved with the love of Jesus. Middle School and High School is not an easy place to navigate, but we hope to partner with families to make the journey a little easier. If you have further questions, please contact Pastor Chelsea for more information!

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Sunday MOrnings

Prayer. It's a practice that we want to not only talk about, but it's something that we want our young people to experience. Our youth ministry is participating in the 40 Days of Prayer starting on October 8 - November 12. In order to give enough time for our young people to engage in prayer, we will stay in the youth room and have youth worship. Other than Family Sunday, students will begin and remain in the youth room during the 40 Days of Prayer. Sunday School is from 10:45am to 12pm. The youth room doors are open as soon as 10:20am as a time to hang out and play some foosball or pool!


Midweek @ The Waetje's

The school year is busy. Take a break at Midweek! During the fall semester, we're going through the book of Romans. Each night has a wacky holiday that we're celebrating - from Fortune Cookie Day to Pepperoni Pizza Day to Golf Day! Each holiday brings a fun twist to Midweek! Along with our study of Romans, we'll serve in our community, share a meal on certain nights (like our Thanksgiving Meal Night), and have a lot of fun! It's a night for all 7th - 12th grade students! Please message Pastor Chelsea for directions to the Waetje's!


Special Events


MS SNO - sunday night out

This month's SNO (Sunday Night Out) is Middle School edition! All current 7th - 8th grade students are invited for a fun night together on Sunday, November 26! If you need a ride, meet at the church at 6pm and be ready for pick up by 8pm. If you'd like to meet us there, please arrive at 6:15pm and be ready for pick up by 7:45pm. If you'd like directions, please email Pastor Chelsea for more information! For only $1, you'll have time to connect with other Middle School students, eat dinner, and have a lot of fun!