Singles’ Adventures


* On hold until Fall 2019

Jesus surrounded himself with individuals seeking a common goal. As they spent time together, encouragement, support, and learning flowed between them. Living a healthy life emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically as a single individual is available for everyone through the love of Jesus when we gather together in his name.

We will share the spirit of the Lord with others through Bible Study, fellowship and helping with community projects. The world can be a lonely place full of challenges to face alone; you can find healthy support, encouragement, prayer, and activities in “Singles’ Adventures” on the first and third Friday of each month.

Having a place to feel safe to ask the tough questions about being single is the goal of this group. Connecting with other single individuals due to various reasons will provide a new positive outlook for your future. If you have questions about this ministry, please contact Teriann Ness, the “Singles’ Adventures” leader.